ONE-ON-ONE TUITION - Learn the guitar in a comfortable environment. The lessons are tailored to where you are at and where you want to go! It's about finding out what music you want to play and going for it. Times are flexible across the week but it's ideal to find a regular slot each week. We have use of a full drum kit to aid rhythm, mp3 players and a full sound system.
If you want to work through books for grades or learn specific songs then just let me know.

We can include:

I truly believe, that if you enjoy what you are doing then you can develop the skills, disciplines and practices to become as good as you want to be.

Cost: From 15 pr lesson
Ages: Any! (Under 16's must be accompanied for Disclosure reasons)


INTRODUCTORY GROUP –For those with no prior guitar experience. Learn from scratch together! Bring your guitar. It can be acoustic or electric guitar and both will work in the same group. If you don't have access to one, get in contact prior to the start of the group as there may be spare guitars available. Get a few mates together and come for a group guitar lesson. All ages available.
Cost: 10 Per person, per lesson
Ages: Any!


Monday 4pm - P7-S2 Intermediate
Monday 5pm - P5 Begginers
Tuesday 5pm - Intermediate Childrens
Tuesday 7pm - All Age Chords/Rhythm Class

To Book Lesson call now on: 07960 807026 OR EMAIL ME HERE